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Suha Atiyeh - Attention to Detail

May 16, 2018
When it comes to the safety of a building’s construction, often times, the devil is in the details. The bigger the project, the more important those details can be as everything can lean on one piece and if it is not exactly correct, a structural project can fail. Ideally, you want someone who is dedicated to double checking every little nuance in order to make sure that your building is secure. Without feeling secure about your building, let alone passing all of the required codes and standards, your project can be left in the dust. Suha Atiyeh prides herself on being a civil engineer and project manager that pays great attention to detail and works tirelessly to make sure all of her projects that she takes on are finished with excellence.

Suha Atiyeh has experience in a multitude of mediums. From infrastructure to land developments, she has taken the time to hone in on her skills to make sure that her clients receive the outcome that they desire. She even has experience in sustainability development. It is one thing to be able to build a structure, it is a whole other beast to be able to build with sustainability in mind. If you are looking for hire a civil engineer or project manager for your next structural goals to be met properly, let Suha Atiyeh blow you away with her professional skills and incredible attention to your requested details.